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38 Weeks!

I'm 38 weeks pregnant! I'm gonna have a baby soon?! I've got a lot on my mind for this post...just warnin' ya :)
This is so surreal, yet so familiar.  Surreal because I can't truly fathom what this is going to be like.  This is going to be the most miraculous thing that's ever happened to me (besides my salvation) and I expect it will blow my mind.  On the other hand, I've been anticipating this event for 9 months now and day-dreaming and reading and wondering and praying and despite how incredible and huge this life-event is, it seems a stranger you've been waiting for.
That's the best I can do to articulate how I feel right now.
Also, I'm starting to get the itch...that crazy impatient feeling that I've always heard mommas talk about.  I pinky-promised myself I wouldn't get impatient - that I would wait the full 40 before I started to wish him out.  But to be really honest, I'm so eager to see this baby…

Weekly Menu: Week 6

This menu plannin' has been so much fun!  
I don't have big food plans for this week.  I'm 38 weeks pregnant now and feel like for the next two to four weeks I'll be in "you-can-come-on-out-now" mode!  Really I don't care what we eat this week...I'm completely distracted.

Nonetheless, we have a tentative menu going...
Monday: Chickpea Sliders & Broccoli Salad (didn't happen last week)
Tuesday: Dinner & Bible Study w/ friends.
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday:   Dinner with friends?
Friday: Birth class tonight...this means leftovers 
Saturday: Tedd has requested Shepherd's Pie.  I've never made it before, but I'm gonna give it a shot.  I'm thinking I might use this recipe.
 Sunday: Perhaps breakfast for dinner?
+ Some Special Stuff... We'll probably make granola this week. I'd also like to try making some granola bars if I have free time I'd love to get together with my mom to see if we can come up with a recipe for theDevo …

Fabric Pom Pom Tutorial

Holy cow these things turned out so pretty!
So back in December, I hosted a Cookie Party with my friend Rachel.  It was a blast!  I really wanted to decorate using those tissue paper pom poms I've seen everywhere, so we followed the tutorials and hung big white pom poms from the ceiling with bright red velvet ribbon.   
The only problem was...they looked pretty shabby. 
We hung 'em up anyway and had a good laugh and let the party go on.  But in the back of my mind, I was bummed because I had wanted to hang up pom poms over baby's bed in the nursery instead of the traditional mobile, and now I knew that I just didn't have the knack for making tissue pom poms.
So I ditched that idea and hoped to try fabric instead.  That's when I stumbled acrossOnceWed's tutorial for fabric pom poms.  Perfect!  I decided to roll up my sleeves and try try again.
I LOVE the way they turned out!! I decided to write my own tutorial since I did my pom poms differently than OnceWed --…

Devo Olive Oil & Balsamic Giveaway!

And the winner is...Julie from the Jewely Bug Blog And would you believe it?
Entry #67 out of 67 entries! I visited Julie's blog and it looks like she's a great cook!  Julie, I hope we can see what yummy stuff you come up with once you get a hold of all those oils & balsamics!  Congratulations!!
Thanks so much to everyone for entering my first-ever giveaway.  I had a lot of fun!

Nursery Subway Art (& Tutorials)

A verse for baby Ian... I've been seeing this trendy thing called "subway art" all over the place in the blog world, and as I considered all the possibilities of what kind of art to put in the baby's room, I decided I wanted to give this a shot!  I originally hoped to make the letters appear "printed," but I just didn't have the time, so I went ahead and just painted it on by hand, but I still really like the way it turned out!
I had a hard time finding all the different options for DIY subway art, so this post is dedicated to all y'all who want to try it out.  Here I'm listing a few different ways you can go about it. 
Tutorials for Creating Your Own Subway Art:
Option 1 Freehand the words.  This is what I did simply because I didn't have the time to invest in going the other routes.  If you decide to freehand, you'll need a good paintbrush (with a very small and sturdy tip), a steady hand, a ruler, and patience :-)  There's also transfe…

37 Weeks & Nursery Sneak Peek

37 weeks!  Full term!  yahoo!!
I think my belly's a bit lower, but it could just be in my head.  I'm getting more Braxton Hicks this week and they're becoming more intense and more frequent.  I've noticed other changes in my body and overall feeling that make me feel like I'm officially in the baby-is-coming stage.  It's so surreal right now to imagine that we'll likely have a baby in less than a month.  
And I skipped last week's "sneak peek," but here are some more shots of the nursery in progress...  magnetic window pane art
 we hung some curtains
and Subway Art :-)
I mentioned I was trying to sew a slip cover for the arm chair my parents gave us - it's just about done and I'm really loving the way it looks!!  Just a few more projects and I'm finished!  I don't feel quite ready for Ian to arrive.  I feel like we're still in home renovation get-stuff-done mode (with the Queen and prepping for baby's arrival).  I'…

Paint Colors!

Long-story-short: some of our church family is coming over to the Queen this weekend to help us paint!  How fantastic is that?!  The catch is that I'm being forced to pick paint colors this week...yikes!  Pressure!  So today, after a couple hours in Home Depot with my wonderful momma, we went to the Queen and painted some samples on the wall.  Samples are great.

I think I may have actually come to a conclusion!  Well, yes, yes I have, because I'm already 24 gallons committed.  Whew.  That's a lot of paint!

Antique White by Glidden this will be the ceiling color in the kitchen, laundry, and bath, some of the trim color in the kitchen, laundry, and bath, and the base color for the kitchen cabinets (before they get an antique glaze)
Contemplation by Behr A lovely gray shade of blue-green.  It's goin' in the kitchen!
Lime Light by Behr A lovely gray-blue (and a neighbor of Contemplation above); we'll probably use this for kitchen accents and the laundry/bathroom