36 weeks

Baby's growing about an ounce a day now and getting upwards of 6 pounds!  We have 27 days to go!! (in theory)

It's really starting to sink in...

It's so fascinating to me that birth is one of the few things in life that I just can't control or fully plan for.  Okay, so actually I believe there are lots of things in life that I can't truly control, but at least I can plan and jot down dates and do my best to keep things predictable.  But when it comes to birth, this baby could come 3 weeks early, or 2 weeks late, or right on time...that's like a 5 week gap (at least) where I simply have to be "ready."

This week I've been feeling like there's a guest coming in just a short month (or in a couple weeks?), so the house has to be ready, I have to be rested and prepped, and things have to be in order, yet the uncomfortable part is knowing he's coming, but not being certain of the day or hour...

It's been a really neat reminder of something that sounds very familiar.

And on another note, here's a fun little video we captured last night when Ian was being really active...

(disclaimer: I have nothing to do with what YouTube may suggest you watch after you've watched the original video I posted here.  Any further "suggestions" do not reflect my personal preferences.  Thanks :-)

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