February 28, 2011

38 Weeks!

I'm 38 weeks pregnant!  
I'm gonna have a baby soon?!
I've got a lot on my mind for this post...just warnin' ya :)

This is so surreal, yet so familiar.  Surreal because I can't truly fathom what this is going to be like.  This is going to be the most miraculous thing that's ever happened to me (besides my salvation) and I expect it will blow my mind.  On the other hand, I've been anticipating this event for 9 months now and day-dreaming and reading and wondering and praying and prepping...so despite how incredible and huge this life-event is, it seems familiar...like a stranger you've been waiting for.

That's the best I can do to articulate how I feel right now.

Also, I'm starting to get the itch...that crazy impatient feeling that I've always heard mommas talk about.  I pinky-promised myself I wouldn't get impatient - that I would wait the full 40 before I started to wish him out.  But to be really honest, I'm so eager to see this baby.  I'm so excited and I wish deep down he'd just hurry on up...these last "two" weeks (or 3? or 4?!) are sort of annoying to me...they're just in my way.  Sigh.  But I know that I need to wait for the Lord's perfect timing.  He already knows our baby's birthday, so my impatience isn't going to change anything...I'm better off if I just change my attitude to one that is worshipful, patient, and soaking in the awe of the miracle that is taking place in my body while I have this miracle still growing inside me.

I also want to cherish these days I have with Tedd before we enter this new phase of our lives.  So, I guess I've got time :)  yes...I can wait.  Baby will come soon and that's good enough for me!

I've also got a lot of questions floating around in my head...
Will it be this week?  Will he come on time?  Will he come late?  Really late?  Will "he" surprise us and be a "she"?  Will it all go down at night or during the day?  Will there be a tornado watch pending when I go into labor?  What's the baby going to look like?  Will he be hairy?  Will he weigh a lot?

and on and on...

it's funny to think that all this mystery will soon be history

Oh, for the sake of making others feel comfortable, I haven't exposed my bare belly much in these belly pics - just the first few so that you can really see where my belly started out.  Now that I'm at the end though, I wanted to get another couple of bare belly shots so you can really see how much it's grown since the beginning!  
11 weeks & 38 weeks...wow!

I feel like a big juicy ripe fruit...in a good way :)  

And I'm gonna be real with ya...I've gained FORTY stinkin' pounds!  But honestly, I just don't care.  I feel awesome.  I feel gorgeous.  Okay, so sometimes I feel like a puffy whale ;) but seriously I feel good.  I've loved being pregnant.  I think I've had the good fortune of a very comfortable and pleasant pregnancy.  

Let's just hope labor goes well...
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