Fort Smith Gems: Twin City Produce

I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas (mostly) -- the second-largest city in Arkansas, once the home of infamous "hanging-judge Parker," and the old last-stop before you crossed the river into "Indian Territory."  Here's a fun fact: the setting of the movie "True Grit" is in good ole Fort Smith!

But to be honest, Fort Smith ain't among the prettiest or coolest of places to live.  It's a little ugly, dated, and dull...that is, at first glance.  After taking some time to explore our new hometown, Tedd & I have found some lovely Fort Smith gems that make us happy to call this city "home."  There's some really cool stuff around here!  Way more than meets the eye...

So...this week I would like to feature a Fort Smith gem that sends Walmart running home crying to mommy.  (Ha.  I just laughed at myself for writing that)...but anyway...

Twin City Produce
cheaper than walmart, locally owned by really friendly folk, there's a huge variety, and it's fresh fresh fresh!
Aside from the Farmers' Market in the warm months, this place is the best!  (And open year round!)
"Fresh Fruit & Vegetables -- Open to the Public"

They sell big bags of produce in bulk (like onions, potatoes, and apples), but then they sell things individually as well.  At first, you may pass this place thinking it's a warehouse for businesses only, but the "open to the public" sign let's you know that you can come right in!

angel voices singing: "aaaaaaah"
wear your coat!  the whole back-end of the store is one big refrigerator to keep all the produce fresh.  I've gone in before in a short-sleeved shirt and I walked out shivering!
but it's so nice to know all that beautiful fruit is chilling all day long...I like picking up the chilled fruits

So if you're a local Fort-Smithian, still buying produce at Walmart, I highly recommend you check this place out.  You'll be glad you did!

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