Old Window Frame Inspiration

I have this amazing old window that Tedd dug up out of the basement at the Queen!  Isn't it fabulous?

I wanted an old window to use as some kind of decor for the baby's room...but now it's been sitting in our kitchen for two weeks and I'm still a little stuck as far as deciding what exactly to do with it.  So, I started browsing online and looking for ideas to inspire me.  There are so many neat ideas, I'd sorta like to mix & match them for our window, but what do you think I should do with it??

update: if you'd like to see what I came up with, check out my Decorative Window Pane Tutorial!

Framed Fabric/Wallpaper


Jewelry Organizer

Altered Window Frames

Framed Photos

Cabinet Door

Memo Board & Framed Graphics

Framed Pictures & Typography

Vintage Items Hanging in the Panes

Magnetic Chalkboard & Memo Board

Hanging by itself

Have you done a window art project?  Do share!

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