February 21, 2011

Paint Colors!

Long-story-short: some of our church family is coming over to the Queen this weekend to help us paint!  How fantastic is that?!  The catch is that I'm being forced to pick paint colors this week...yikes!  Pressure!  So today, after a couple hours in Home Depot with my wonderful momma, we went to the Queen and painted some samples on the wall.  Samples are great.

I think I may have actually come to a conclusion!  Well, yes, yes I have, because I'm already 24 gallons committed.  Whew.  That's a lot of paint!

Antique White by Glidden
this will be the ceiling color in the kitchen, laundry, and bath, some of the trim color in the kitchen, laundry, and bath, and the base color for the kitchen cabinets (before they get an antique glaze)

Contemplation by Behr
A lovely gray shade of blue-green.  It's goin' in the kitchen!

Lime Light by Behr
A lovely gray-blue (and a neighbor of Contemplation above); we'll probably use this for kitchen accents and the laundry/bathroom

CityScape by Martha Stewart Living
on our walls it looks like a very classy khaki-gray
this color will go in the main parts of the house such as the living room, foyer, stairway walls, and hallways...

wherever CityScape is found on the walls, we're putting a color that's just one shade darker on the ceilings...
Mourning Dove by Martha Stewart Living
the ceilings are so tall, which looks great, but lacks that warm cozy feeling that we want our home to have, so I'm hoping that adding a darker shade to the ceilings will bring the ceilings down a bit

So there you have it!  Now I have to think of some bathroom colors for upstairs, and we're kinda toying with the idea of doing something really bold in the sunroom where there's all that light...

aqua anyone?
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