Tentative Queen Kitchen Design

sigh.  wanna help me?
(warning: this is a doozy post)

In planning the Queen's kitchen, I've made some boo-boos.  A big part of my frustration at this point is my failed attempt to have the big picture in mind from the get-go.  I tried, really I did, but I couldn't commit to one idea, and there were so many things I liked, and our budget "forced" us to make certain picks I would've otherwise avoided, and I just couldn't picture it all in my head.

So.  We've collected pieces along the way without a real plan and now I have random mis-matchy things to put into our kitchen and it's very challenging trying to make it all mesh.

Here's our "design board" so far:
(by the way, this is my first time to put something like this together and it makes me feel a little OCD, but I'm desperate to get some kind of visual)

 1.  Appliances: We have a really sweet all-refrigerator stainless steel fridge (a major craigslist score), but the rest of the appliances are white.  So, I solved the mis-match appliances by...

2.  Hardware & Accessories: Picking out satin nickel hardware and stainless steel items like the sink & the faucet (which was free, so while it's not my first choice, I'm grateful and I ain't complainin').  Our kitchenaid mixer is a fine blend of white with the shiny silver look, so I figure it's fine to mix the two.  Now stay with me...

3.  Paint:  I love blue-gray-greens :-) (and I guess my blog is following the trend); I like the robin's egg blues and the teals and aquas and all the soft gray versions of those colors.  So far, I'm really attracted to the darker "Dusty Miller" by Glidden as a color in the kitchen.  I'm also seeing great Google images of rooms with Sherwin William's "Hazel."  But the key is to not clash with the light mint green wood stove (see #4).  

4.  Antique Wood Cookstove:  Swoon.  While I'm not so into mint green & cream, I didn't care when I saw this stove for the first time.  But now I've gotten myself into a color pickle of sorts when it comes to meshing this thing with the stark white appliances.  Fortunately, she'll be featured all by herself on a separate wall, far from her ugly white counterparts.  (PS. This isn't the actual stove we have, but close).

5.  Beadboard Cabinets:  Here's another issue...I really really love white beadboard cabinets!  But I'm really wondering if the white cabinets will clash with the stark white appliances???  Will it be too matchy-matchy?  Will differing shades of white make it an eye-sore?  Will the white-white cabinets clash with the creamy, off-white details on the antique stove?  (Note: there won't be any cabinets on the wall where the antique stove is located).

6.  Old Brick Chimney:  This is an actual photo of our brick chimney in the kitchen (where the woodburning stove will ultimately hook up).  I really dig the rusty red with the teal colors we're leaning towards.  I thought including this detail would help you get an overall feel of what's happening in our kitchen.

Other factors:

7.  Flooring:  Flooring isn't pictured, but we're all over the place with this one.  We're up for any frugal ideas!  We like tile okay, but would you choose dark or light?  Browns?  Tans?  Slate?  We've also considered painting the current plywood floors with a stencil, but I'm concerned that the paint will wear too quickly.  Concrete isn't an option.  Wood planks would be cool.  We've considered brick pavers even...any suggestions?

8.  Countertops:  And there's another thing :-)  We scored a fantAstic butcher block slab that we plan to make an island out of, and it'll be natural wood.  As for the other two countertop spaces, we're trying to avoid laminate or other expensive options, and just make wooden countertops and paint them.  I'm not totally sold on this idea.  However, whatever we decide to do with the countertops, we've gotta get an idea as far as the color goes...what color do you think we should make them?  Dark/light?  White/tan/brown?

Above is one side of our kitchen.  It's the very best drawing I could come up with as there's nothing actually in our kitchen right now and all this is just in my head at the moment. (I couldn't draw those stools to save my life, but you get the idea :-)  

Pictured are the beadboard cabinets, the two side-by-side stark white stoves, the stainless steel fridge, the countertops (butcher block and to be determined), etc.  This may or may not help you to visualize what we're doing, but I hope to use this sketch this month to help me play around with ideas on the computer.   

(If you're wondering why in the world we have three stoves, you should read this post).

So I know it sounds like I'm obsessing and way too worried over all of this, so if I can just defend myself for a sec, it's not what it looks like :-)  I realize that in the end it's probably gonna look fine and it's nothing to stress over, but at the same time, building & designing a kitchen from scratch is a pretty big task!  I just don't want to waste this amazing opportunity to custom-design our kitchen - I want to get it as right as I can and avoid any regrets.  But if it's coming across that I'm totally upset and stressed, don't worry, I'm not :-)  I'm okay :-)

So there ya have it - at least part of it!  I'd love to get y'all's feedback & suggestions!

What do you think I should do about the white appliances & white cabinets?  
Any dusty blue/greens that you would recommend?  
Floor suggestions?  Go dark?  Stay light?

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