Weekly Menu: Week 3

Our "Indian Feast" from last week's menu
(butter chicken, rice, fresh salad, mint raita, & palak paneer (not shown))

That meal only took me...uh...several hours of work, but was so worth it!  I could eat this stuff every night!

So, the weekly menu for this upcoming week.  I'm blanking on ideas...

Tedd brought home pizza for us & our guests

to be determined :-) there's a birthday in the family on Tuesday!

Breakfast Burritos

Pad Thai (still trying to find the perfect recipe, but we're getting closer)

Prenatal Appointment & Birth Class all evening :-)  How 'bout we just plan to eat some leftovers?

venison chili or venison tacos


Not a super exciting menu when it's just the two of us.  The reality is, there are usually so many leftovers because we're only two people, so it's not necessary to make more than three or four meals a week.

I've been really surprised just how much things change throughout the week and how that affects our dinner decisions, so regardless of the plan, we still have to be pretty flexible.  But, having some meals in mind really has made things easier overall.  I'm really enjoying meal planning!  

I'm kinda laughing inside though at the thought of what these meal plans will look like next month when our world gets turned inside out with the presence of our very first baby!  Probably lots of freezer meals and microwave meals.  I stocked up on some awesome Trader Joe's juices and soups and other healthy grab-n-go snacks to make things easier for us during March.  Hopefully that'll help!

End-of-week Review: I was pretty lazy this week and we actually wound up eating tons of cereal and leftovers.  The only thing I managed to cook this week were breakfast burritos for dinner and everything else was seriously leftovers.  OH, but we did manage to get some pad thai...at the Thai restaurant downtown :-)  It was our "valentine's date" (any excuse).  Maybe next week I'll do better?

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