Weekly Menu: Week 4

a pic of our yummy Chickpea Burgers we had last month
they're back on the menu this week!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Tedd's requested Pad Thai
(maybe with some chocolate chip banana bread for dessert?)

dinner with friends - their place

Carrot Soup over rice


Prenatal Appointment & Birth Class all evening :-)  How 'bout we just plan to eat some leftovers?

venison chili or tacos

Chickpea Burgers

I almost feel like a liar when I've posted that we're having chili for dinner on Wednesday and then I totally drop it and we eat cereal instead...but then I don't want to write a blog post about how I didn't follow through :-) that would get old fast.

So, if you're ever curious about whether or not I actually managed to stick to the menu, and for the sake of a clear conscience ;-), know that I'm updating and editing these posts throughout the week and I'm also writing an "end-of-the-week review" in the weekly menu posts at the end of each week.  For example, that's what I did here.  :-)

Doing weekly menu plans?  Please share!!

Week in Review:
We managed to follow through with most of our menu this week!  We nixed the rice w/ the carrot soup and just ate it plain - I loved the carrot soup!!  We also substituted Saturday's meal plan with sausage, biscuits, and gravy for dinner.  Sunday we ate leftover manicotti with salad instead of making the burgers.

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