February 20, 2011

Weekly Menu: Week 5

Last week's Pad Thai - mmmm!
We made dinner together using this recipe.

And this week on the menu...

leftovers + salad  

I bought a whole box of mangoes for $2 b/c they were over-ripe.  I thought we could salvage some of the mangoes for smoothies or bread...not much salvaged, but enough for a nice loaf of Mango Bread for dessert.

Venison Tacos w/ "homemade" taco shells and all the fixin's!

Tuesday's a special meal day because the midwife and her assistant are coming to Ft. Smith for a home visit.  So, when it's a special meal, that usually means Indian food around here ;-) We're planning for Butter Chicken Curry (Indian dish) over rice w/ Palak Paneer & Tedd's delicious chai tea

leftovers + salad

Chickpea Sliders & Broccoli Salad  

Birth class tonight...this means leftovers 

Happy Birthday, Uncle Rob!  We'll be having a birthday dinner I'm sure; maybe I can bring cupcakes?  I've been so in the mood lately for really tart lemon cupcakes!

Planning ahead?  What's your menu this week???

Week in Review (2/27):
We did have Mango Bread & it was delicious.  We also had the venison tacos (awesome!) but didn't fry the taco shells, instead we just wrapped 'em up like burritos.  We didn't get around to making Chickpea Sliders and I didn't make lemon cupcakes either.  I'm putting the sliders on the menu for next week and I hope I'll get a chance to make those lemon cupcakes soon too!

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