February 28, 2011

Weekly Menu: Week 6

This menu plannin' has been so much fun!  

I don't have big food plans for this week.  I'm 38 weeks pregnant now and feel like for the next two to four weeks I'll be in "you-can-come-on-out-now" mode!  Really I don't care what we eat this week...I'm completely distracted.

Nonetheless, we have a tentative menu going...

Chickpea Sliders & Broccoli Salad (didn't happen last week)

Dinner & Bible Study w/ friends.


  Dinner with friends?

Birth class tonight...this means leftovers 

Tedd has requested Shepherd's Pie.  I've never made it before, but I'm gonna give it a shot.  I'm thinking I might use this recipe.

Perhaps breakfast for dinner?

+ Some Special Stuff...
  • We'll probably make granola this week. 
  • I'd also like to try making some granola bars if I have free time 
  • I'd love to get together with my mom to see if we can come up with a recipe for the Devo Olive Oil Recipe Contest!
  • I'm still in the mood for some really tart lemon cupcakes...we shall see.
Wanna join in the fun?  Leave a comment telling me what you're having for dinner this week!  Maybe we can all get some ideas!  And if you're into menu planning, you'll probably want to check out my inspiration for the weekly menu posts -- the This Week For Dinner blog.  It's great!

Weekly Menu in Review:
Monday: Chickpea Sliders slid off the menu again.  Broccoli salad didn't happen either. 
Tuesday: we shared chili with friends, 
Thursday: we threw a little potluck shin-dig and made homemade palak paneer, homemade naan, and some rockin' shish-ka-bobs!  (I need to get our palak paneer recipe on this blog ASAP).  
Friday: we ate leftovers & then off the Burger King value menu late at night :-) 
Saturday:  Shepherd's Pie didn't happen (but I'd like to make it still for a freezer meal).  Instead we had French Bread Pizza (an idea my friend Amy gave me - thanks, Amy!)
 Sunday: leftovers!

Made the granola bars but granola, recipe contest meal, and lemon cupcakes never happened.

the end.
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