March 7, 2011

39 Weeks

So...I'm still pregnant...which I suppose is normal since I haven't even reached 40 weeks yet...
Could this be my last belly post???
(39 weeks)

...some kind of switch went off on the day I hit week 38 and I suddenly became obsessed over giving birth to this baby.  The day will come, and meanwhile, I'm really praying for patience.

I feel scatter-brained and distracted (b/c it's like nothing else matters right now).  I feel elated and excited.  I feel like I'm caught up in a I can't wrap my brain around the fact that there's actually going to be a baby in our lives.

I have a nasty cold :-(

My uterus is measuring 43 weeks!  They think he hasn't dropped enough yet and once he does, my measurement won't be so high, BUT he has dropped a bit!

I turned the weekly calendar page today to find that I am officially in week 40 and "Ian's Due Date!" is written in dark black ink inside of Saturday's box...woah.

I realize I have a great chance of going into labor after the baby's due date, so I'm trying to get that through my head, but I don't know if I can even entertain the idea of waiting a few more weeks.  Waiting 'til 41 weeks, okay, sure.  Waiting 'til 42+??  I just can't go there right now.




P.S. I think polls are really fun.  You can guess when you think little baby Lodes will arrive there in the poll on the right!
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