Nursery Sneak Peek - Week 5

(Why hello there, March!!)

So this is the peekiest sneak-peek I've given you since I started this back in January.  It's basically the whole nursery, but it's still not "finished."  
the mirror and old window pane still have to be hung, and I may move the subway art to a different part of the room as well...
And there's the slip-covered chair!  I can't believe I was able to make one!  I even prayed about it...(which I wasn't even sure was okay to do since it's such a very silly thing, but I figured it would be better to depend on God for the ability to do it than to depend on myself, right?)  
I sat there for about 30 minutes trying something, sitting back, sighing, and saying "I have no idea how I'm going to do this..."

And then out came this slip cover!

BUT, just so you don't think I was lying about being a total novice at sewing...
I didn't wash the fabric until after I finished making the cover, and then it shrunk a little...and apparently I didn't leave much room for shrinkage.  My solution?  Put a table in front of the boo boo on the floor, and put a pillow in front of the boo boo near the arm.  All better!

(PS - I learned a lot during this project, one thing being that it is wise to wash your fabric before you sew)

I also had no idea how to make it all one piece, so I cheated and made the slipcover into 4 or 5 separate pieces and then attached them to the chair with a row of safety pins so it wouldn't slide all around.
cheater cheater 

pumpkin eater

And then there's the crib...
the actual crib was given to us by a family friend, the bedding was purchased by my sweet mother-in-law (we picked it out on clearance at Target!)  The IKEA "kanga-momma" was a gift from my mom.  Isn't she cute?  (And of course it has a pocket pouch!)

And this isn't truly a part of the nursery, but I had to show you THIS beauty... 
My friend Kacee got me this gorgeous custom diaper bag from Keepin' It Gypsy.  We had a girly date and went to pick out the fabrics a couple weeks ago - I love how it turned out!  Isn't it stunning?  And, even better, it has lots of little pockets and compartments I can stuff and organize...I love organizing. week might be the final nursery reveal.  I know, I know, you can't wait. ;-)  

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