Paint On the Walls

So I've had several requests for pictures of the Queen's freshly painted walls.  Only problem is, the pictures really don't do an amazing job portraying the exact colors, but that's just how paint is I guess!  It seems the look changes depending on the light, time of day, angle, etc! 

So far, we're really pleased with all of the colors.  Thank you to those of you who gave me input and advice while I was searching for colors.  I never realized how much pressure I would feel just choosing something as simple as paint colors - whew!

We're also incredibly grateful for all of the help our friends, family, and church family have given us out at the Queen.  With all of your help, you've saved us tons of time and money!  (Several church members threw us a non-trad "baby shower" by spending several hours at the Queen with us last month painting!  Several friends have also spent time with Tedd, helping him during their free time - so selfless!)

We honestly could not have gotten this far on our home without all the generous help of loved ones.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

*side note: this is not the house that we'll be with the baby in (at least not for several more months).  we're currently in a rental house - just to clear any confusion :)

And now, for some before & "after" pics...until newer "after" pics can be taken :)

pics of the kitchen in a gray-teal shade called "Contemplation" by Behr (love this color!)
(Cabinets are covering the spots that didn't get painted in case you're wondering! :-)

Elyse painting the bathroom
the downstairs bathroom in a light blue shade called "Lime Light" by Behr 


before & after 
Glidden's "Cappuccino White" on the ceilings and Valspar's "Linen" on the walls
church gals painting a bedroom

Master Bath:
before & after
Heather's painting the master bathroom in a light green shade called "African Opal" by Colorplace 

before & after 

Living Room:

 Upstairs Hallway:
before (yellow) & after

in the above pics, we used Martha Stewart's "Cityscape" on the walls and "Mourning Dove" on the ceilings

before & after
the upstairs bathroom with Walmart's (Better Homes & Gardens) "Dancing Leaf"

Tedd & John nailing up trim

and last but not least...
by far the cutest and hardest-working handyman I've ever met!!

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