Weekly Menu: Week 8

Whew.  I think we're ready to start cooking again :-)  Our friends/family have been so kind to bring us food the first week or so while we try to get on top of things.  Also, Tedd is a fantastic cook, so he's been making some delicious meals as I've been recovering - I feel so blessed to have a husband that can cook!
(Mamas, teach your boys to cook ;-)
enchiladas - mmm mmm

Breakfast Burritos for lunch

Cheesy Venison Enchiladas (freezer meal) for dinner
and our very favorite Banana Bread!

Shepherd's Pie (this turned out sooo delicious last time we made it)


  I've had a major craving for Abigail's Soft Pretzels
leftovers for dinner?

family visiting!!
Salmon & Asparagus for lunch (w/ Tedd's awesome lemon-dill sauce!)
Stromboli from Philly w/ a Veggie-Packed Salad for dinner
salmon w/ lemon-dill sauce

family visiting!!
Burgers/Dogs/Chicken on the grill w/ Veggies for lunch
Dining Out for Dinner?

(family visiting!!)
Venison Chili in the crockpot for lunch
Butter Chicken Curry w/ Palak Paneer for dinner

I feel like I've been making Palak Paneer almost once a month now -- I think it's about time I share that recipe!  It is such a favorite of ours!  

The menu seems a little daunting, but I'll be working ahead on the weekend meals during the week - if I get in over my head, I'm sure Tedd will help me out.  Plus, we can always nix some things - I usually don't manage to make everything planned on the weekly menus anyway.

Tedd's going back to "work" this week on the Queen.  He was going to go today, but Ian was especially fussy last night and today (gas? overtired? "growth spurt?"), so Tedd was so sweet and stayed here today while I caught up on some much-needed rest!  Baby's sleeping now and looks so peaceful - I sure hope he'll sleep peacefully tonight!

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