Baby Smiles

So I'll try not to go overboard posting pictures of my kid all the time, but hey, it's my blog after all, right?  Secondly, I am admittedly obsessed with my kid.  Thirdly (if that's even a word), people are telling me that they like it when I post pictures.  I'm all like "really?  are you sure?" and they're all like "yeah, really - post more please!" so then I'm all like "okay...maybe you're lying, but I'll be more than happy to post pictures of my beloved chunk."

well, I don't really talk like that, but I was just in that kind of mood when I was typing.

so...for this week's pictures...

Baby Ian boy (5 weeks today) is starting to smile!  aaaaaww!  As if he weren't melting my heart enough already - then he goes off and starts grinning at me...

(my dad says that Ian has been smiling at him for weeks now - I believe some extent ;-)

And a couple more cute faces for ya...

(love the pouty lip)

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