Life Lately w/ Baby

We're learning a new "norm" around here.  I'm learning to embrace my new "schedule" of nursing, rocking, napping, diaper-changing, and little bursts of me-time.  Ian has been such a wonderful baby; we ain't sleepin' through the night or anything, but he's a content little guy with a lot of personality (and we do get to sleep about 3 to 4 hours at a time - not too bad).  

We've had lots of visitors since Ian's birth...
 Amy & Rachel

Chris & Cousin Sara

 Cousin Sheila & Eric

neighbor & friend Tom

Ian made it out to his first basketball game (Daddy made some good shots!) These guys are givin' their tough guy pose.

Rachel & Grant visit (Grant & Ian are both tuckered out)

Kacee & her boys come by to see Ian 
 chillin' w/ Lee (who was nice enough to share some live acoustic guitar jams w/ Ian later on)

and Ian's Grandpop & Gee-Gee came in for a long visit this past weekend!
our families both went out to the cabin for a fun day...
it was Ian's first time out to the cabin
I love this picture!

Ian's first chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Grandpop

tummy time
Tedd's parents 

 And then back at the cabin again later in the week...
 our first "date" AB (after baby) - about a half hour in the woods to ride four-wheelers
ridin' the trails! 
 we love the cabin.

and so that's life lately w/ our baby...

we've been to church a couple times, Tedd's played basketball, we've been out to eat w/ Ian & friends, to the cabin in the woods, enjoyed the company of family & friends, and of course, spent tons of time at home just trying to stay afloat on household chores, learned how amazing a nap really is, & I think I've nursed Ian at least 300 times in the past 4 weeks :-)

life w/ baby's simply awesome.

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