Palak Paneer (Indian Spinach & Cheese)

If you're not really into spinach, I bet you'll change your mind after you taste this stuff.  I could eat it every week.  In fact, I've been making it so much lately, I decided that it was about time I get this recipe on here to share!  So here goes...

Palak Paneer
my version of this recipe 
block of cubed homemade paneer (from ½ gallon of milk)
·       pinch of cumin seeds
·       1 big onion chopped
·       ½ jalapeno, 3 garlic cloves, & about ½ inch of fresh ginger root (peeled) blended together into a paste 
·       3 T butter
·       2-3 bay leaves
·       Spinach (I use about about a bag & a half of fresh spinach leaves) or use 2 bags of frozen chopped spinach
·       1 t garam masala powder
·       salt/pepper to taste (about 1T salt)
·       ¼ c heavy cream

Fry cheese with some cumin seeds in olive oil.  Remove and set aside.
In butter, fry the onions and the rest of the cumin seeds along with the bay leaves.  After the onions are translucent, add the ginger/chili/garlic paste.

Add the spinach and allow it to “melt” down and turn bright green.

Now add the garam masala and half of the fried cheese to the pan - cook just another minute or so.

Remove the mixture into a food processor to blend well or use a hand blender to puree the mixture.  Put the blended mixture back into the pan and stir it all around.  Add cream and salt/pepper.

Dump the contents of the pan into a small casserole dish (top with the remaining fried cheese) and bake for about 30+ minutes at 375.

Serve over rice!  Yum yum!!

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