Weekly Menu: Week 10

Time for another menu!

Whew!  Meal-making is much more complicated with a baby around (go figure).  If baby Ian gets a nice nap and the house isn't a total wreck, then I get a moment to cook...which has become quite a hobby for me over the past couple of years, so it feels like "me time."

I'm still about 15 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight (I had gained 40 total!), so while I'm avoiding worrying over my post-partum body and weight, I'm really hoping to eat a little better over all so that i can eventually drop some of these baby pounds.

Hopefully I'll have some healthier meals show up on my menu plans over the next few months, but let's not count Monday night!

Week 10 Menu:

and Apple/Blueberry Fritters for dessert from Pioneer Woman's recipe

dinner with pals

Split Pea or Lentil Soup (b/c I didn't make it last week)


grilled dogs & burgers w/ our church - fun!

I'll be contributing Scalloped Sweet Potatoes w/ Chipotle Cream Sauce to the Easter dinner menu!
If there's time and motivation, I'd love to make some cupcakes too...
maybe some Butterfinger Cupcakes? (yikes, what was I saying about eating healthier??)

Creamy Chipotle Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
I made these last week instead of the Sweet Potato Souffle and they are surprisingly wonderful!

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