Weekly Menu: Week 11

I made Butterfinger Cupcakes for Easter Dinner...honestly, I'm really not a cupcake fan (when it comes to eating them), but I think they're really fun to make!
This week's menu isn't as eventful (at least not in our kitchen) since we'll be eating away from home the first half of the week...

Week 11 Menu:

We've got a lot of leftovers & I'm trying to use up things in the fridge before they go bad, so I'm making cheese and zuchinni bread (random, I know, but this stuff had to get used ASAP).


Dining out of town.

Dining out of town.

leftovers need some attention

(since we didn't make it last week)

fresh salad and some homemade chicken nuggets

We have a big ham bone left over from Easter dinner that's been in the freezer - we'll probably use it to make some lentil or calico bean soup!

And this is last week's Split Pea Soup.  For the longest time, I was not a soup fan, but now I love it.  And split pea soup?!  Never.  But this stuff is seriously very good, and it's good for you, so what's not to like?

What's on y'all's menu this week?

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