Fort Smith Gems: R&R Curry Express

If you're a local, you may have passed this joint a half a dozen times before ever noticing it.  Nestled up next to an old gas station downtown, R&R Curry Express is a hidden gem worth digging up!

Tedd and I are Indian food fanatics.  Seriously.  Having been to India (Tedd a couple times now; I once), our love of Indian food and culture has solidified.  Eating with your hands, party-in-your-mouth spices, and sitting on the floor?  Yes, please!
Tedd serving up his plate in India
eating with my hands in India!
We cook it often for our friends and if we're eating out, Indian food is at the very top of the list.  Only problem was that, for quite some time, Ft. Smith had nothing to offer in the way of Indian restaurants.  After we heard about R&R Curry & saw their website, we were so excited to check it out!

So here's my honest review...the tikka masala's tomato-based sauce really tasted like spaghetti-o's sauce to me (not that I think they use that, of course), so I wouldn't order that again, and I genuinely like our homemade palak paneer better than their version of it, but other than those two items, everything else we've tried has been oh. wow. yum!
Hot Naan (sounds like "non")
The staff is friendly, the ridiculous yet charming Bollywood music videos playing on the big screen give a little taste of Indian pop culture, and on the other screen...naan.  Oh naan...(sigh)...such a lovely bread.  R&R has a camera fixed on their traditional clay tandoori oven back in the kitchen, showing diners live video of the naan going in and out of the oven.

So, if you're a Fort-Smithian wondering where to dine this weekend, try out R&R Curry Express.  If you've never tried Indian food, 'even more reason to go!  You're in for a treat!  And wouldn't it be fun to have a little culinary adventure with the family?

Ras Malai (sounds like "Ross Muh-lye")
My recommendations, (based on the dishes I've tried there so far), are the Chicken Korma, Bengan Bhartha (eggplant dish), or the Moongi Masoor (yellow lentils).

If you're really feeling daring, try the Ras Malai, a sweetened milk and cheese dessert.  It sounds bizarre, I know, but it's the real deal and so unique and delicious.

If you're not a local, but haven't ventured out to try Indian food, I highly recommend it!  Make a date night out of it and be adventurous; you may find your newest favorite food

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