I Had a Good Weekend

Just wanted to share some highlights from a great weekend!  :)

First, Friday night.  Tedd & I went to the Greenwood Auction, our first real date together since Ian was born.  It was so. much. fun.

I love the pace, I love the good ole boys in overalls holding up fine antique furniture.  I love how the auctioneer says "now you talk about nice!" about every piece that passes in front (in a perfect Arkansas accent of course), I love the thrill of raising my hand, and I love winning a little treasure for a steal. 
the Primrose dish set that was up for auction

the snack set that I had already
(The only thing I didn't love was being outbid on a Fire King Primrose dish collection (above)...isn't this set incredible??  I have the snack set at home (left), so I came ready to win.  I couldn't pay any more than $50 though b/c we just don't have that kind of cash right now for dishes, (at the end of the day they're just dishes, ya know?) but my opponent (grrrr) won them for $55!!!!  I have a feeling she wouldn't have stopped had I kept bidding.  This set is worth at least $150, but I didn't know that at the time.  Sigh.  Sigh again.  I loved that set).  oh well!  Well that was a rabbit trail, wasn't it? 

We had a really fun time and I did come home with some delightful treasures, like these fantastic vintage table linens, a chair (for $13 that I have full intentions of reupholstering despite my being clueless as how to do so at the moment), and some beautiful blue vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes.  I'm such a sucker for this kind of stuff.  I just love it, and I think I'm addicted to the auction.

Then there was this thing...
It makes me uncomfortable just looking at it.  No one wanted it, so it was selling for next to nothing when my husband raised his hand and bought it.  lol!  I was actually very embarrassed to have this sitting next to us, but he bought it so I could paint over it and have a nice frame.  Good thinking, right?  Frames and canvases are expensive, so there ya go...a cheap frame and canvas.

So that's enough about the auction.

Oh, except for one more quick story.  Tedd & I were bidding on this really cool chair and we won it for 25 bucks...thirty seconds later, one of the workers brings us this tiny glass chicken.  Uuuuh...we were a bit confused.  We had to explain that we thought we were bidding on the chair that whole time, but it turns out we were bidding on a stupid glass chicken!  lol  so they re-auctioned it and didn't make us buy it, thankfully.  (watch it be worth like $500 or something)

Okay, now that's enough about the auction.

So then Saturday, I get a call requesting a custom painting of my cupcake design!  She's going to give it to her sister as a baby shower gift.  I was psyched.  After being so afraid to step out there with my art, I actually got a customer - woohoo!
And speaking of woo-hoo, Tedd asked me to get Ian ready for my parents to babysit him on Saturday night, but he didn't tell me why; it was a surprise.  Later that evening, Tedd gave me this card...

...congratulating me on reaching 100 followers on my blog! 
What a guy!  
I was so surprised he'd even noticed, and for him to celebrate it really showed me he cared ('cause he knows how much I've come to love blogging as a hobby).  I appreciate his encouragement and support so much and it was such a nice little surprise.  
We went to R&R Curry Express and savored the amazing flavors of India that we love so much.  We talked about how we'll have been married for four years next weekend and we talked about our love for each other (and of course, we talked about our baby boy).  Such a special night with my sweetheart.

((As a side note, I'm grateful to all of you who are "following" this blog.  Y'all make this so fun for me and I'm honored that you're reading!))

And, finally, Sunday after church we made chocolate chip cookies, bought some mint to plant, played with the baby, and made some plans for the summer (one in particular that I will disclose in a few weeks)!  

oh, and I came across this post about how your house will never look like a magazine and it made me smile (and think)

Yep, I'd say it was a great weekend!

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