My First Mother's Day

I am so thankful to God that I'm a mommy.

I believe it will take an entire lifetime to soak in the awe of motherhood, and that's totally alright with me.
I couldn't help but think yesterday of all the women in the world who are mommies at heart but aren't able to have children.  I have absolutely no doubt that the Lord sees them and their hurts, and I pray for them the promise Jesus makes when he says, "God blesses you who weep now, for in due time you will laugh."  

Yesterday our Pastor, Phillip, challenged us: "If you were absolutely convinced, in every circumstance of your life, good or bad, that God is right there with would you respond to your circumstances?"

My prayer for the childless, and whoever else may be in a tough place in their lives, is to find contentment and trust in God and who He is for you and not in what He does for you.  As I was convicted yesterday myself, I prayed that God would prep my heart and equip me to handle whatever is allotted for me in life, good or "bad," and that I would be faithful to Him to trust Him and love Him no matter what.  

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