Queen: Level Floors, Cabinets, & Sunroom...

The days are finally upon us when I can walk into our big ole house and actually imagine that it will be finished someday.  We're getting there.  Little by little by little, we're starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  

Sometimes I've wondered what in the world we were thinking, but then I walk into that place and sort of ignore all the undone projects and I can picture the Queen being home; a wonderful cozy haven of a home.  Plus, my husband is incredibly optimistic.  He just keeps on chuggin' along, project by project, and I don't think he's ever looked back w/ any regret.  So he keeps me going, and we're actually getting close. 

Here's the latest in pictures:
kitchen cabinets waiting around in the living room (custom made by neighbor-friend & carpenter, Tom)
the island base!!!

this is the laundry room & bathroom before pic back when we were viewing the house in 2009
(since then we've moved the dividing wall to make room for the laundry machines, moved the plumbing, sheet rocked, painted, etc)

now, Tedd is leveling the floor so we can tile these rooms 
 he had to make very specific angled cuts (wow! he's really evolved into such a handyman over these past couple of years!)

and here's the new leveled floor, almost completed, but I forgot to get a final picture

and here's a picture of the narrow kitchen stairway, painted
looking up

looking down

and here's what it looked like before...
it's been patched, sheet-rocked, and lights were added, among other things, but these pictures don't really show that :)

and here's a little spring scene for ya - a momma dove keeping her newly hatched babies warm in their nest...just outside our bedroom windowsill
 oh well
there was an add-on on the other side of this window back in the 20s we're guessing, and this huge window in our master bedroom became a floor to ceiling mirror :)  We brought Ian out this week (more on that in a minute) and I was giving him a little tour of the upstairs.  

(PS - when I saw myself in the mirror holding a baby, I thought I looked like a teen mom.  oh well.  I'm 24 (and a half!), for the record ;)

and moving on to the master bathroom in progress...
this used to be one big ugly closet...

and the small upstairs hallway has been painted!  the white trim looks so sharp next to the gray walls
and the hallway before...

and as I was saying earlier about Ian...well, I went out to the Queen this week w/ the baby and when Ian was sleeping (in a separate, non-fumey, non-dusty, non-loud room in case you're worried), I painted away in the sunroom.  Those windows required some very tedious work!
sunroom before

 and the sunroom in progress
(w/ new ceiling and repaired windows)

and finally, after all that randomness, I'd like to share with you a picture of Sherman, the unpredictable Craigslisted truck we bought back when we got the Queen, so we could haul tons of junk like this to the dump...
(with whom we have a bittersweet relationship)

I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished sunroom soon and hopefully some other finished projects as well!  Thanks for stayin' tuned!

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