Thirsting for God

Warning: This post is coming from the brain of a nursing mother and may not make any sense whatsoever.

I have a hard time remembering to drink water.  Do you?  I go about my work all day and I put off drinking water until I'm absolutely parched.  I mean, how hard is it to just go and get a drink of water?

Now that I'm nursing Ian, I'm aware that it's really really important for me to be drinking water all the time, but sometimes maybe two, three glasses a day.  Then I wake up in the middle of the night and HOLY COW I'm THIRSTY!

The other thing I want to tell you about is my secret addiction to Coca-Cola.  I say "secret" because on a normal day, I act like I'm too good for it.  I never order it when we're eating out and I never buy it at the grocery store (pretty much because we're cheap and because Tedd always says something like "it's just a big glass of corn syrup").

(oh yes, but such a big cold glass of bubbly sweet magical corn syrup!)

So we're water people...


I have this problem where I look forward to free sodas when we go to parties.  There.  I said it.  Whenever there's free Coke, I am all over it.

My uncle figured this out and now he sends Tedd home with a Coke every now and then, just for meeeee.  Then I send him cookies.

I just got way off topic.  Really badly.  What was I even going to say?  I don't remember.  Something about thirsting for God, I guess, since that's what I titled my post...


Okay.  Oh yea.  Thirsty.  Water.  Coke.

Water versus Coke.

So Coke is like stuff that's in the world that we "thirst" for.  Stuff like affection & praise from others, moolah, beautiful homes, etc etc.

It looks oh-so thirst-quenching, but in the end, it's not very good for you and doesn't really quench your thirst (because it has tons of caffeine and sugar and actually just dehydrates you more...Coke...and the worldly bling...both of them).  It just leaves you thirstier.  We tend to keep going after it, thinking it will satisfy our thirsty hearts, but it leaves us sick & dehydrated.  Spiritually speaking, we're surviving off of worldly pleasures the way some people drink nothing but's really bad for us.

Now God, on the other hand, is like a refreshing glass of pure spring water over ice.  He's the real deal...good-for-you, all-natural, tailor-made for our bodies to function.  God is who will truly quench our parched souls.  We need Him to really live healthy spiritual lives!

Are you getting your daily intake?

I'm not.  I'm thirsty, that's for sure, but I tend to go after the sugary bubbly stuff that's no good for me over the pure, cleansing, hydrating stuff.  In the same way that I get busy and forget to drink water during the day, just taking a few sips now and then, I get busy and neglect to drink in the Water of Life.

And that's all I want to say :)

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