Virgin Sangria

Tedd & I went to a fun shindig the other night & it was the perfect excuse for making Virgin Sangria!  I think it looks so so pretty as a party drink/punch and it's so yummy!  The best part is, you can get pretty creative with the ingredients that you have on hand.

I'm sharing what I put in's the recipe I used for inspiration!

1 bottle of Arkansas Muscadine Grape Juice (the fancy stuff - it tastes soooooo good!)
1 bottle of Apple Juice
2 liters of Sierra Mist
1 plum
1 gala apple
2 lg lemons
1 lg orange
half doz key limes
fresh mint!

Let it all "marinate" in the fridge overnight and serve it up cold.  My pal Kacee served it in big glass mason jars - so fun!

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