Wainscoting & Other Queen Updates

Also known as fancy wood that goes up the walls, and in this case, bead board!  I'm such a fan of bead board and it's been a dream of mine to have wainscoting at least somewhere in the house...I dunno, I just like it so much!  So Señor Practical agreed to putting bead board up in the guest bathroom upstairs, despite it's being very un-practical (he's so cool like that).  (I do admit, I tried making the excuse that it helps to protect the walls ;)  Here you can see it in progress.

And in other news...Teddster has single-handedly cleared out the creepy basement.  Here's a concrete step he's made to repair some damaged floor (see it there on the right?)

A funny side note: Tedd plans to use that old non-working fridge as a big tool chest!  Pretty creative, I thought :)  It should keep stuff dry down in the basement and he can use the shelf space to organize his stuff.  That's one way to recycle an old fridge, huh?

And I'm still feeling nervous about how our kitchen is going to turn out, aesthetically speaking.  I just can't picture these things in my head in advance.  It's like I've got to actually see all the pieces together before I can make final decisions, but then it's waaay too late, so I feel like I'm just shooting from the hip.

Is it going to look terrible if we put white appliances next to white cabinets??  Would it look worse to have antiqued creamy white cabinets next to stark white appliances??  Will gray and brown tiles look bad next to our light teal walls??  lol...I feel like our kitchen is going to look terrible.  I wrote more about all that in this post.

Oh well, it shouldn't really matter that much, but I hate to have the opportunity to create a kitchen from scratch just to have it turn out ugly.  I just keep trying to encourage myself that many pictures I've seen of beautiful kitchens have a lot of different materials and elements all mix-matched together, so I'm sure it'll turn out just fine.  (Right??)

One thing I do feel great about, as far as the kitchen is concerned, is the amazing custom cabinets!  Our neighbor Tom has made all these by hand!  Sooo impressed.

this is the island base

He's saved the doozie for last...this little sketch I drew up of a vertical spice cabinet that goes next to the stove...

it's a really tall tall cabinet space with three vertical cabinets stacked - the top & bottom cabinets hold cookie sheets and cutting boards, while the middle cabinet holds spices and cans, etc.  The pic above is the middle spice cabinet that's just about done (it's lacking little rods that will hold the spices in place).  So exciting!

Well that's really all I've got for now.  We've come up with a weekly goal list to sort of map out how much longer we have until we can move in...looks like we may be in by early fall!  How cool would that be!?  Up next are the floors!

I'll keep in touch.

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