May 25, 2011

We're Coming Out of the Closet

That's what I said to my mom on the phone around midnight.  We'd kept in constant touch throughout the storm last night and, to our great relief, it had passed.

Tedd and I were watching a movie when we heard the loud whistling at the doors.  We paused the movie and listened to the house creak under the weight of the wind.  The sirens started going off; Tedd checked the weather channel online and we were under a tornado warning.  "Time to go to the closet!" I said in a panicked voice, holding Ian tightly next to my chest.

I've grown up in Arkansas all my life and been through dozens of tornado warnings, sirens and all, but I'd never felt as afraid as I did last night.  Something about having an innocent sleeping baby in your arms changes everything.

We stuffed ourselves into the only space in the house that doesn't touch an outside wall.  We prayed.  I called my mom and the mood was solemn...the wind was howling and all I could think about was Joplin.  Joplin and our baby boy.  After about 30 minutes, the storm had passed.

Up until last night, I just couldn't wrap my brain around the devastation that took place in Joplin.  I couldn't fathom that there were people missing and how their loved ones must feel, but last night I was shaken from my ignorance and apathy.  I thought of how afraid people must have felt as they listened to the roaring of the twister from inside their "shelters," that may as well have been made of toothpicks should the tornado pass through their hiding place.

As we prayed last night, we were reminded of things that really matter in life, that we are not immortal, and that God alone is our strong fortress - a safe shelter from the storm.
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