Blackberry Zucchini Popsicles

Tedd brought home a lovely carton of blackberries.  They're delicious, but those tough seeds keep me from eating as many as I would like.

Then there was the day I was making zucchini bread (from a boat-load of zucchini that is in our garden right now) and I had to drain several cups of shredded zucchini that had been mixed with sugar.  I got busy, so I left the zucchini to drain in the fridge overnight.  The next day I had two cups of sweet green zucchini juice drained out into a bowl.  I can't just throw this stuff out - I thought.  So, I decided to taste it...hmmm...pretty good.  It was sweet (thanks to the sugar) and really crisp and fresh like a cucumber.
Then a little idea was born.

These are delightful.

It's basically equal parts zucchini juice & blackberry juice, so I don't really have exact measurements.  But, you can puree zucchini with sugar (about a 3T of sugar per pound of zucchini), put it in a strainer over a bowl, cover it, and let it drain in the fridge.  Like I said, I let it drain overnight, so I got a lot of juice.  (The leftover zucchini doesn't need to go to waste - it's perfect for zucchini bread).

Now puree about 2 cups of fresh blackberries.  The seeds are really tough, so I decided to strain those out too.  Over a bowl, I used a spatula to press as much of the blackberry juice through the strainer as I could.

Then I poured the zucchini juice over the blackberry puree mix in the strainer & pressed it some more with the spatula (trying to get as much of the good stuff through the strainer as possible, you see).  Then I had some fun just squeezing the stuff with my hands to get every last drop.

Then I added some more sugar (just eye it; if you're unsure, add in small amounts and taste it as you go 'til you like it).  Spooning the juice into the molds worked great for me.

You could also put this juice mixture into ice cube molds for a refreshing addition to summer drinks!

There are lots of cool popsicle molds out there, but I like these old-fashioned "sip-a-pops" because they catch drips and then you can slurp them up through the built-in straw when you're finished.  But our sip-a-pop lost its lids, so I just used skewers.

Let me know if you try these!  I think they'd be perfect treats for kiddos (they won't even know you put veggie juice in it)!!

PS: With all the zucchini that's coming out of our ears around here, I'll be posting a whole bunch of stuff about zucchini over the next week or so!  I'm experimenting with some different recipes this week.  Got any interesting recipes for zucchini??


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