A Mud Bench Made of Wood

Tedd can't get over the fact that this is called a "mud" bench.  He keeps making corny jokes about how it's made of wood, not mud, sometimes calling it the "wood" bench.  But just so there's no confusion, I'm talking about a mud bench that is actually made of wood.  K?

I'm the Queen of Tidy.   Tedd is the King of Practical.  In our little kingdom, we find that tidy isn't always practical, and practical isn't always tidy.

In other words: foot powder bottles always sitting in front of every exit in our home is very practical; it is not tidy (and it is not lovely).  Everything in sight being put away in bins, closets, cabinets and drawers is tidy, but definitely not practical when Tedd starts looking for his keys or his phone (yes, I'm guilty).  I follow him around like a human vacuum, hiding away every loose item I see lying around on a table or a countertop - 'just drives me nuts, I tell ya!

So when I realized that our kitchen would be the main door going in and out of our home, I started to cringe just thinking about all the junk that would likely land in our kitchen.  Shoes piled up against the wall (no! please, no!), keys, phones, change, and receipts on the counter tops (oh the horror!), foot powder (screech, screech, screech - um, that's the Psycho sound effect in case you're wondering) next to the door (noooooo!!!) 

Must. have. mud bench.

(or wood bench)

So we started drawing up design after design that would meet Queen Tidy's and King Practical's needs.  Queen Tidy got her silly baskets, King Practical got his spot to pile shoes (and to put his foot powder).  And because I'm a big nerd, I got on the computer and made it sorta 3D looking, and this is what we came up with:

and you know what?  King Practical went off and built this monster.  Yes he did!  He's also King Super Strong & Handsome Handyman.  :)  So far all I've got is an iphone pic, so once I get a decent picture, I'll show you the real thing!

AND then you'll get to see the TILED FLOORS!!  AAAAAND we have kitchen cabinets going up!!  Somebody pinch me!


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