Tedd's Birthday Bash!

Tedd turned 29 this week and I had a blast throwing him a party this past weekend!  
Here are some highlights from the party!

Getting the cake ready.  Pound cakes with layers of whipped cream and strawberries, mmm!

Party prep...
mini chicken pot pies!

Jacinda helping me set up the table

While we prepped, more guests started pouring in.  Nick was there to give Tedd one of his (in?)famous bear hugs...
While the gals finished up the food prep, the fellas were outside filling up about 200 water balloons!

Food is served!

We started the night off with some of Tedd's favorite treats while all the little ones swam in the pool.

Ian had a big bottle of milk pumped for him so that he could hang out with Nonni & Papa Adam for the night.  Uncle Evan & Papa Adam loved playing with the baby!

After we snacked, the sliders were ready.  We devoured those and then the "big kids" got in the pool to play a game of volleyball.  

After several intense ;) volleyball games, the guys had a crazy water balloon fight.  It was so fun; they were like little boys!  

We sang Happy Birthday to Tedd & Katie (who also had a birthday this week) and they blew out the candles...

We had cake with homemade ice cream and freshly sliced watermelon, along with some good conversation

Around midnight, the guests trickled out and a few of us stayed up late talking.
It was a very memorable night full of good food, friends, and fun!  Can't wait to do it again sometime!


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