7 Random Updates (& Weekly Menu #16)

1 - Ian is rolling over.  Back to belly.  He rolls over every time he gets a chance (except when I'm trying to show someone how he rolls over, of course).  He's also 4 months now and I love him like crazy.
2 - Weekly Menu: Week 16 
Monday - Mexican Cheese Soup w/ Tortilla Chips
(maybe my friend Amy will post this recipe on her blog??)
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - "Dahl Nirvana" over rice
Thursday - Cobb Salad (w/ bacon, eggs, and bleu cheese - yum!)
Friday - Thai Curry w/ Nappa Cabbage & Garden Veggies (over rice)
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - Caprese sandwiches?
mexican cheese soup
 3 - I did a face lift on our literacy missions blog and I really like it!  We got a cool picture of our new friend "M.K." from India, posed as a "blind" man (to written words) and I love the message it sends.  I'm hoping to change up the look of this blog as well before Fall. 

4 - Speaking of our missions blog, I did a post on "FAQs" we get about what we do as missionaries.  It answers questions about our future plans, about money, and about how the Queen fits into the big picture.

5 - I've been looking for a chandelier for the Queen's foyer lately.  I've looked at literally 1,000+ chandeliers and all the ones I love are over $400.  yeah. right.  All the ones I sort of love are like $200, which is a lot to pay for something you "sort of love." 

So, I decided to buy one for $20 on Craigslist and I'll probably spray paint it (sounds terrible, I know, but I have high hopes) and then gussy it up.  It could be an epic crafty fail or a DIY trophy...we shall see.

6 - We have french drains at the Queen!  Tedd and friends moved 26 tons of gravel w/ a wheelbarrow - not exactly a DIY-friendly project, but it's done.  What relief!  Other things that are taking place this month are the waterproofing of the basement (yes!), waterproofing and mending of the balcony, and prepping of the floors so that we can finally finally finally refinish the hardwood floors!!  I can't wait!  Once those floors are done, we'll be close to moving in!

 7 - Aaaand more Ian:


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