A Great Horned Owl

I don't know if you remember when I told you about this owl we spotted in Tulsa, but it was an exciting photo shoot to say the least!  Our friends Alex & Bob showed me the owl from the window, and I ran to get my camera.
It was in June, mid-morning, and hot outside, and this gigantic bird was sitting plain-as-day out on a large tree branch in the lawn.  I circled in on it, little by little, until I was just yards away.  I honestly could have gotten right under the tree branch I was so close, but I started to get nervous about how the owl would respond to my invasion.  Look at those talons!!

So I got excited, 'cause I'm so fascinated by wildlife, and I wrote to an expert who runs the site Owling.Com.  I never thought "to owl" could be a verb!

Here's a piece of what he wrote:
"Yep, great photo of a young Great Horned Owl. It is a very young bird and probably still under the care of mom and dad. It still has lots of its downy juvenile plumage and has not yet grown adult feathers (first year bird).
This giant owl is a baby!?  How cool is that?!  I could just stare at it all day.  Maybe it felt the same about me...


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