Weekly Menu: Week 16 & Other Ramblings

Ya know, this "mommy brain" thing is for real!

Today I pulled into the bank, 5 minutes before closing, and waited for my check to be deposited.  After a couple minutes, I hear "Ma'am, where was your account opened?" I answer the question, wait a little longer, then hear, "Ma'am, your account number isn't valid."  I call my husband to make sure I have the right number, when I hear again..."Ma'am.  Which bank are you trying to deposit at?"

Then it dawned on me.  I look up; I see a sign that says Regions Bank.  I look across the street and there I see the actual bank where I was trying to deposit my check.  Not kidding.
I blushed and said, "oh, uhm, yeah...I'm at the wrong bank."

So yesterday we had:
Brown Rice Pasta ("Fusilli" - totally recommend it!!) w/ Zucchinni

w/ Salad 
& w/ Fresh Green Beans & Mushrooms

leftovers :)


Chili (yes, in the dead heat of summer - I don't care)

Thai Curry or Sandwiches 
(didn't get to the Thai Curry last week)
 And because I like to have a picture in every post, here's one of Ian I took last week.  I used Pioneer Woman's actions to play around with this photo.  It's a great way to edit photos if you don't have a lot of experience, like yours truly. 

Alright, I gotta run and make dinner!!


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