A Few Announcements & A New Poll

Hi there :)  Just want to throw out a few little blog announcements.  Please read the last part of this post 'cause I'd love to pick your brain a bit.

1. I'm going to take a "blog vacation."
I'll be out of the blog world for the month of August, maybe with the exception of writing a post on/near my birthday (the 27th), and I'll start writing again in September.

This is going to be a bit difficult for me, actually, 'cause I really enjoy blogging, but I think it'll be a good break for a number of reasons:
  • I want to re-prioritize and step away for awhile (so blogging doesn't become too much of a big deal in my life).  It's just good to do that with most things in life, I feel -- step back and evaluate.
  • I want to think about where I'm taking this blog (like should I continue to keep it casual fun, or should I pursue the next level of bloggy business?).
  • I want to use my free time for some back-burner projects.
  • And my other reason is my second announcement...
2. No, I'm not pregnant.  
I know, I know - the word "announcements" sounds like I've actually got something important to say, but, nah, not so much.  BUT, I'm still pretty excited about this one.  I'm reconstructing my blog.  I want to add more doodles, give it a new look, and reorganize the "map" and layout a bit. 

So if you decide to come back here while I'm "away," you may see a big mess from all my experimenting and re-organizing.  Can't say I didn't warn you.

Any suggestions for the new look & layout??  Is there something you wish I'd post about more often?  Something you wish I would stop posting about??  Is there a feature that you see on other blogs that would be cool here?  I've got some ideas, but I'd enjoy hearing your input.

3.  We're Moving Into the Queen!
Not this month, but we've finally got a real deadline for moving in!  We should be in by October.  Sweeeet!  Tedd's sanding the parquet floors as I type.  Once those floors are finished, we are on the fast-track to moving in!  Yippeee!

4. Okay, last announcement.  This may sound really goofy...okay, really, I know it is, but I just gotta throw it out there.  There's a poll over there on the top-right side of this blog asking about Queen Tees.  We're in the final stretch of our home renovation, and most of you know how renovation tends to drop-kick your budget to the next planet.  So I thought it'd be fun to sell some t-shirts to help us with all those little final expenses.  I'm trying to be creative here.

So, I just want your honest opinions, so I don't have boxes full of t-shirts sitting in our house...is this something you would actually purchase???  Yes way or no way.  It's anonymous, so I'll never know if my best friend or my Grammy clicks "no way."  I just want to get an idea of whether or not this is a completely terrible idea.  Below is the design I was thinkin' about.  Should it say something else?  Like something about supporting your historic district or keeping historic homes alive?

Help me out, peeps; I need ideas.  Or tell me not to do the t-shirt thing at all.  That's fine too. 



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