Floors Are Sanded!!

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I know I said I wouldn't be posting this month, but I wanted to throw out one more post...because I'm thrilled to say that floors at the Queen are sanded!!  That means, in no time, we'll be moving in!
I can't tell you how many times I walked into that house and felt completely overwhelmed and discouraged.  There was just so much work to be done.  Everyone who walked into our house would say in that sing-songy way "Y'all've got a looooootta work to do."  (I know, very Arkansan, but that's how we say "you all have" - "y'all've," and I just don't think there's a more perfect way to say it :)
   And now we are sooo close.  We had a to-do list as long as Santa's naughty list (ha! that was really dumb, but oh well, I'll go with it), and the very last thing on the list of big stuff was the floors.  And now the floors are just steps away from being move-in ready.  YES!
I've dreamed about those wood floors.  Barefoot, Fall day, windows open, baby in my arms, bread in the oven, and wood floors...it would be perfect.
 Parquet Red Oak Flooring 

(Upstairs...well, we have no idea what kind of wood that is)

Okay, so that's all I have to say.  Now I really am going to be gone for August!  Really.  See ya!


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