Light At The End of The Long Scary Queen Tunnel

I am so stinkin' proud of my husband.  He's worked so hard, and I'm so grateful for his incredible diligence, his optimism, and the sacrifices he's made in order to make this house our home.  We're hoping to move in by the end of September.  And it just might be possible!

Wanna see some of the exciting stuff that's been happening at the Queen lately?

Here's the upstairs bath as of this week.  The current project in here is getting the floor scraped up so we can sand the wood floors. 
 And just to give you an idea, there on the right side is a picture of the upstairs bath back in January.

Okay, now for the basement.  Tedd is waterproofing it.  He's done tons of research and it's a bit over my head, but it basically comes down to painting a waterproof sealer all over the floors and walls (huge project).

Then there's all the repairing and scraping of the hardwood flooring, that way the refinishing can take place soon!

And the kitchen...
currently (above)
and a sort-of-before pic (below)
The kitchen's looking reeeally good; I just don't have pictures right now that do it justice.  It has tiled floors and lots of beadboard cabinets ready to go up.

And remember the mudbench??
(or as I see many people write: "wa la!"  It's French, guys, c'mon.)

Now for the sunroom...
What do you think of this light fixture?  It's supposed to be a temporary, but I'm kind cool with it.
These floors are getting painted.  Have you googled "painted wood floors"?  I must do it!!

And this is hard to picture, but there was a ton of work done on the balcony.  It had tin and tar all over it and was popping up and down when you walked on it AND leaking.  So they removed all that junk (w/ the permission of the historic society, of course - thanks, guys!), and replaced it with plywood and more of that liquid waterproofing rubber stuff.  
You can see the balcony out the window in the right picture there.  On the left is the balcony railing
that's been repaired.

We've also got a gravel driveway, light fixtures, french drains, new gas lines, and a fireplace mantel :)
My parents watched Ian one day this week (my longest time away from the baby), so I came out to help Tedd prep the floors for sanding.  It was exciting being out there again.  I actually miss working on it -- my turn will come once we move in!! 
Our neighbor and friend, Marica, came by for a visit.  She's so cool; she's a local ballet instructor and also renovating her historic home.  That's a respirator on top of my head, in case you're wondering. ;)

Go, Tedd, go!
Next up - floors.  
So what do you think?  Stain the floors a nice dark finish, or keep them natural/light?


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