September 13, 2011

Fort Smith Gems: The Farmer's Market

Now tell me who doesn't love a local farmers' market?  It's quaint, fresh, nostalgic, affordable, delicious, cultural.  
this photo taken from Farmer's Market FB page
I love that Fort Smith has a farmer's market.  I love even more that it's close to where we live now.  We can just take Ian in the stroller down to the market...doesn't that sound just perfect?  We took a little walk there this weekend, in fact, and I became a tourist on our street along the way.  Some of these houses I hadn't had a good look at before...
walking to the Farmer's Market
There's the historic Clayton House:

The old Art Center:

And this beauty, a restored old home turned hair salon - "Vogue":

This stunning historic home/office is for sale

Then there are the cool old Schoolhouse Apartments:

After that little tour, we ventured out to the Market and drooled over the baked goods, talked to the ladies about the curious asian vegetables & herbs, and smelled the homemade goat-milk soaps.  (We may or may not have bought a peanut butter pie, banana bread, and a loaf of whole wheat bread to eat all for ourselves).
stroller loaded with veggies
After browsing through the market, you can walk right across the lot to The Park at West End and then eat a delicious burger at the Boomerang Diner, located inside of an old train car.  All right by the Arkansas River!  Too cool!
this photo taken from Farmer's Market FB page
The Farmer's Market is held every Tuesday & Saturday 7-noon during the peak season (May-Sept.), then on Saturdays-only during the off-season.  Go like the Facebook Fan Page & check out their photo album of all the delightful produce and homemade goods you can find!
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