The Nicaraguan ABCs: T is for...

I'm not always so great at finishing things I start :( but now that y'all are reading my blog (THANKS!), it really keeps me accountable.  I've just gotta finish these ABCs :) I'm almost there!  Had you forgotten all about them? Well, here's "T"
I was going to say that T is for Teaching, but then I realized that I've probably talked about teaching plenty enough in previous Nica posts.  So I decided that I would dedicate this T to my favorite "T" in the whole world - my beloved Tedd.
Simply put, while we were in Nicaragua, this guy was amazing.  (Still is, but you see, I'm talking about Nicaragua here :)  I knew I was marrying a missionary, a fella that had a passion for the illiterate, the poor, and foreign lands, but wow!  I got to see this guy in his element while we were living in Nicaragua.
His Spanish skills rock, his ability to make friends is almost magical; his hard work ethic and faithfulness to the work kept me inspired to be a better worker myself.  

While I was pregnant and too tired for the trek, he would still faithfully drive out an hour to class, all by himself, and then hike into the hills a mile under the hot sun to teach the literacy students...twice a week.
His spiritual discipline keeps me motivated and accountable.  His genuine love and uninhibited acceptance of others is a reflection of Christ to me.  He's kind, tender, wise, goofy, adventurous, passionate...he really came to life in Nicaragua, like he was really in his element, doing something he was born to do.  

I'm honored to be his wife and I look forward to being a part of many more adventures with T at my side.

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