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My Husband's Famous Chai Tea

Chai makes me think of so many things.  It reminds me of my first experience in India and Pakistan, drinking chai in every home we visited.  It reminds me of college and friends, of cold weather, of cozying up next to my husband on the couch with a big warm mug in our first home.  It's a taste of comfort and good times.  With Fall weather rolling in, I'm craving it's creamy spiced flavor.

Tedd is a learner.  He's one of those types that willingly accepts advice, seeks out learning opportunities, and asks questions of the pros. 

The pros in this case?  Blushing housewives in a traditional Indian kitchen.

When Tedd humbly asked the women to show him how they make their typical chai tea, a staple in any Indian home, (especially when having guests in for a visit), the women giggled with embarrassment that a man had any interest in the goings-on of the kitchen.

This man certainly has interest in the goings-on of any kitchen.  High on his list of passions are food and cult…

These Are My Normal Friends (and My Normal Thoughts)

I just couldn't help but post this picture.  I'm not sure what pose we decided on, but we weren't all on the same page apparently, and something funny must have happened.  I like these people.
I love Fall get-togethers.  I just stinkin' love Fall.  So to have pals and campfires and Fall all in the same place?!  It's almost more happiness than I can handle. 

And this video of Ian & my dad makes me really happy, too.  Just try not to smile, I dare you.

Then there's this new guy.  He's got a HEPA filter and some serious suction.  I love it!  It's giving me peace of mind, too, with all the INSANE amount of FILTH we're trying to remove, inch by inch, from the inside of our home.

I gotta tell ya, we've moved in, but it's still a giant mess with tons of work to be done.  Not complaining.  But I think I had some folks thinking we're all moved in and done with the renovation.  Nope.  We're still in the thick of it!  Like, we're sti…

Settee Love

I found the sofa for our foyer.  It's so quirky and elegant at the same time. I love it! 

This settee is begging for some funky pillows!