Traveling with Baby Overseas - Part 2 (Five Cool Things)

Here's some stuff we really liked having with us when traveling around with Ian overseas...
1.  A baby carrier.  We've tried a few different types/brands with Ian, and I'm now of the opinion that each baby has his/her own preference when it comes to carriers.  Our baby likes the Snugli - a Snugli that my mother-in-law used with her boys, in fact, and it's worked wonderfully.  Ian stays completely content in it.
Carriers come in handy at the airport (skip the stroller all together if you dare), when carrying luggage on and off buses, and when you're riding horses.  What, you don't ride horses when you travel?

2.  Hand Sanitizer.  This foamy stuff doesn't have alcohol in it and it claims to kill 99.9% of germs, just like the stinky stuff we adults use.  I like this BabyGanics brand because it smells nice and the absence of alcohol makes me feel better, knowing there aren't any harsh chemicals going into Ian's mouth later.

We used this after the baby played on the floor, after being handled by lots of people (especially by all those hand-grabbers), and just basically on the hour we were using this stuff.  We also used this and other antibacterial wipes to wipe down bus seats and arm-rests that Ian would keep grabbing during long trips.

3.  Pacifier Clip.  It doesn't take long to figure out that you'll need to find a way to strap your baby's toys and pacifiers onto his/her person if you don't want to be meticulously wiping down every object that falls onto a bus/airplane/dirt floor...over a babillion times. So, with safety in mind, these cool pacifier clips do the trick.  I'm also interested in these guys for larger toys...
4.  Phil & Ted's Travel Cot. This thing is way cool.  We definitely got our money's worth with our 7 lb travel crib.  We stayed in a few homes that had dirt floors and Ian was dying to get down and play, so we always had somewhere we could set him down with this around.  It's the perfect place for a nap and safe playtime.
My review?  Short and simple: It's lightweight.  It doesn't fit well into our suitcase, but it fits great in our hiking backpack (which we use on a regular basis when traveling); it takes up about a 1/3 to 1/2 of the space in our pack.  It takes two hands and about 5 minutes to set it up (think tent).  It's not super easy to put back into it's bag, but it is doable once you get the hang of it.  It's sturdy.  Beware of cats.

5.  Baby Neck Pillow.  Seems kind of like a silly thing, but this was great for a little prop when nursing, as a pillow when Ian was napping on the plane or bus in our laps, and in the car seat it was a good head support (in front - not quite ready for the traditional behind-the-neck).  Oh, and it's a toy, too, when you need it to be!

So these were our top 5 baby doodads that we thought were awesome to have along on our crazy overseas adventure!  Tried any of these?  What do you think?  Any other must-have travel accessories that you recommend?


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