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Reese's Knockoff - Dark Chocolate PB Squares w/ Sea Salt

O, Reese's, how I grow weak for thee.
Truth is, I can do without the traditional cups, but now the holiday editions like the trees, hearts, and egg shapes, they yield a much higher ratio of peanut butter to chocolate, and with a bowl full of those self control.
So I wanted to make something that would give me a Reeses fix one afternoon and this is what I came up with after experimenting a bit.  They were so good I decided to make them again as little Christmas gifts.
Thin layers of chocolate sandwiching a generous layer of salty sweet peanut butter, then sprinkled with sea salt and chilled...without further ado, I give you my Reese's Knockoff. You'll need: 1 bags of dark/milk chocolate chips (I prefer dark) 1/2 jar of natural chunky peanut butter (much much better results if you use natural PB) 1/4 c powdered sugar Course sea salt Parchment Paper
1.  Double-broil the chocolate chips to melting
2.  Dump half of the chocolate out onto a cookie sheet covered with pa…