January 17, 2012

Why I Don't Post As Often As I Would Like...

Well, I do love blogging.  It's a hobby for me to write, share, document, journal, express, etc...but then, because it's a hobby, it is often pushed to the bottom of my priority list.  I'm sure you understand. 

But every now and then I like to offer an update of some sort for those of you who may wonder where I've run off to.  So...

There was the exciting rush of December and all its merry Christmas gatherings.  I did make an effort to mentally pause and really reflect on the actual source of Christmas, though I admit, it was tough.

"Christmas" can be so terribly distracting from what we're actually celebrating.  But I think it hit me when I walked through the big double doors at the church on Christmas Eve, just around midnight.  It was like a magical little thrill brushing over me.  I was ready to sing!  I was ready to close my eyes and feel the intense wonder of a humble Messiah, being born as a limited human, though being fully the limitless God.  Sometimes I think the subject is simple and getting a little old, talking about it year after year.  Other times I realize that it will take a lifetime of Christmases for me to even scratch the surface of it's awe-some meaning.

Then there's the subject of our house and our efforts to make it a home.  Right now I'd say it's leaning more on the house side of things, due to its inhospitable amounts of lead dust hanging around after all the renovations.  We own some rental properties on the side and keep them updated and rented out as a source of income, and after an unusual onslaught of "issues" (electric work, tile jobs, leaky roofs, etc) which required precedence over our own house project....(catching my breath from my long run-on sentence)...we are finally getting to a place where we can finish removing the dust and moving back in.

Bottom line: I should have some more things to show you with the Queen during the Spring.

Then, there's the subject of our work.  If you don't know about what we do, you can visit our "missions" blog.  We have some neat options for the year ahead, but with many choices come many decisions.  So we hope to take a little weekend sometime soon to put on our thinking caps, pray, and plan out our upcoming year.  It's an exciting time in life with so much to think over!

And that's all for now, but I hope to be blogging more often this Spring!  See ya!
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