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DIY (Budget-Friendly) Countertops

This is one of our kitchen countertops.  I'm very happy with it!  It could be "temporary" (maybe someday we'll get granite???), but in the meantime, I like the look and I love how we were able to do a little customization.  Plus it was perfect for our shoe-string budget.

In a nutshell, we bought the highest quality plywood we could find and chose pieces that had a nice grain to them.  Then they were cut to size, given a hardwood border, stained, and sealed.

The stain we used was Minwax's "Jacobean."  We sealed them with a polyurethane...leave me a comment if you want to know the exact kind and I'll ask my husband.  I've already forgotten what kind we used.
Now for anyone who is concerned about food on a polyurethane topcoat, please don't worry, we don't plan to prep our food directly on our countertops.  In fact, most people don't, right?  So there won't be a lot of food-to-countertop contact.  So, no, 'not worried about it …