Art Projects & Somebody's Turning 1...

We've really been at the home renovation stuff, but we are all moved in!!  YAY!  There's still a whole lot of trim to put up, caulking to be done, and miscellaneous projects to check off, but we are living in "The Queen."  I never thought I'd see the day.

I feel like I've been running and running.  I don't think I'm the only one who feels this you feel like you're running through life sometimes?  Despite the craziness, I truly feel like I'm savoring life right now.  I'm enjoying my family, my friends, and just thanking God for this precious season we're in.  I've even been able to squeeze out some time to do some art projects, which are usually on the back-burner...more like far away in the dusty corners of the attic.  But these were important to me.  May I share with you?

First of all, our baby is toddling around like a big boy and it's time for his first birthday party!  I was so excited about making his invites.  I like to draw things with a Sharpie and then scan them into the computer to Photoshop them (as you can probably tell by the looks of my current blog banner); this little birthday pig makes me smile.  I'm printing them with Pro Digital Photos.  I've printed other invites with them before and I love them!
Instead of getting Ian traditional gifts this year, we're renting a mini petting zoo for the party.  Wild Things Farm will be coming to our place and we'll get an hour with a baby goat, a pig, and some rabbits -- I'm so excited to see the kids with the animals!

I'm trying to avoid going overboard on the party, but I do love a good party.  So while I won't be going totally crazy, I am looking forward to a themed menu: pigs in a blanket, "rabbit food," carrot cake, and goat cheese pops.  Any ideas for a beverage?

And this painting is for my dear friend's nursery.  She had the great idea and I had a blast with it.  I can't wait for little Brooks to get here so our boys can play together!
I have a vulnerable dream to one day have a little Etsy shop.  Now's just not the time, but having opportunities to do some art projects here and there keep me inspired and encouraged in the meantime.

How 'bout you?  What's your creative outlet?


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