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Locks of Love - My 3rd Time!

So it takes about two years for me to grow my hair really long, and then to get tired of it being really long.  So 6 years = three donations to Locks of Love.  It's exciting to be a part of something like this, and it's also fun to just chop of a foot of hair for a drastic change.

So here was my latest hairy adventure in photos...

So before...
and after...

You can click here to see a post about the first time I donated, or here to see the second time, or HERE to see a post about when my brother donated!

A Day in the Sun

Nothin' like a water hose and fresh-picked strawberries (and a great floppy hat) for a perfect day in the sun...

Ian's Petting Zoo Birthday Party!

These are way overdue, but my life is just in one of those seasons lately.  It seems I only have time to be Ian's mommy, do housework, and sleep.  I'm not discouraged though; it's just a season :)

My little one-year-old.  I feel thankful.  Ian has given us a measure of joy this past year that we never knew could exist.

So how about a few photos of Ian's Birthday party last month?

The kiddos had a great time petting the baby animals.  There was a goat, a pig, and a really furry rabbit.  The kids spend the afternoon blowing bubbles, petting the animals, and just running around like kiddos do!

There were several little babies, including a few toddlers who were at Ian's party.  One of Ian's newest pals is Kailee, who stayed with us for the weekend with her mommy and daddy.  They were so cute together!

And I could just kick myself for not getting a photo of the table of goodies!  We had the whole petting zoo theme going.  Cheddar bunny crackers, pigs in a blanket,…