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Outdoor Baby


Happy 30th to Sweet Tedd!

We had a great time celebrating Tedd's 30th birthday with some friends last week.  This year, Tedd requested we have an epic water gun war.  I don't know if it was epic, but I know we had a great time!

I tend to get overambitious with parties and get in a little over my head with food and decor, etc, but this time, I forced myself to keep it simple, and it was one of the best parties I've ever hosted (at least from my perspective), because I was relaxed and able to enjoy our guests.  What a concept!

 Ian spent the good part of the afternoon before the party helping his dad do yard work.  He's pretty crazy about tractors; he sat on Tedd's lap while he worked for over an hour.  Tedd dozed dirt and eventually Ian dozed off for a nap!
And now, for lack of verbal creativity, I give you some you can see, there were lots of kiddos!