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Guess the Gender!

We're one week away from finding out the sex of Baby Numero Dos!  Yippee!

So how do you answer the age-old question..."do you want it to be a boy or a girl?"  And, hey, I know what all the well-meaning folks really mean; they're not trying to ask me if I'll be discontent if I don't get "what I want," it's just a fun discussion.  But I always squirm when I get the question, because it just doesn't seem right to "want" one or the other, and I want to give a better answer than "oh we just want a healthy baby" (well, duh!), so I answer as follows, for those who want to know if I want a boy or a girl...
How amazing would it be to have one of each?  So we'd be thrilled to find out "girl," but the thought of Ian's having a little brother is thrilling, too, and we love little boys.  We're going to be happy about the results because God knows exactly what our family needs according to His perfect plans!
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My Pregnant Belly - Round Two! (Wks 16, 17, 18, & 19)

Yippee!  I'm so excited to be sharing with you the joy of this pregnancy with our second child!

Once again, I didn't take any photos of my belly early on.  I guess it feels a little awkward taking pictures of my abdomen when the baby inside is the size of a lima bean?

To catch up a bit, this pregnancy has been eeeeeasy.  It was that way with Ian, too (that is, right up until week 39, when I started to have a strange itching all over).

I think I gagged one time during the entire first trimester with this Baby #2.  The only thing that was reminding me of the fact that I'm pregnant was the fatigue.

But to add to that now, I'm enjoying little kicks and a growing mid-section.  And as they say, the second time around, a woman will show sooner than with her first, and that has proved to be true for me.  I look about 4 or 5 weeks ahead when I compare with photos from my first pregnancy.

So anyway, here's my belly progress for those who love growing tummy pics...
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Homemade Kale-Ricotta Ravioli

When I saw an article for Kale & Ricotta Ravioli in a Food Magazine recently, I had to give it a shot. We'd been looking for creative ways to use all the kale growing in my parents' garden and this was perfect! You boil the kale for about 3 minutes in salted water and then pull it out with tongs into a food processor.  Keep the water for later. I also added in fresh basil and garlic with some olive oil and pecans to mix in a fresh pesto flavor.  It was awesome!

Boil the raviolis in the salted water that you used to boil the kale.  It should be at a gentle boil and they only need a couple minutes.  

Top with your favorite tomato sauce and enjoy!
I really loved the flavor of these raviolis, but I wasn't crazy about the texture of the wonton wrappers, though it was an easy way to make "homemade" ravioli!  So I did what any wonton-lovin' gal might do...

 I fried them.  And these were championship.

Here's the recipe: (Food Magazine)
1 bunch (3/4 lb) kale wi…