Guess the Gender!

We're one week away from finding out the sex of Baby Numero Dos!  Yippee!
20 weeks (Big Brother gets in the photo :)

So how do you answer the age-old question..."do you want it to be a boy or a girl?"  And, hey, I know what all the well-meaning folks really mean; they're not trying to ask me if I'll be discontent if I don't get "what I want," it's just a fun discussion.  But I always squirm when I get the question, because it just doesn't seem right to "want" one or the other, and I want to give a better answer than "oh we just want a healthy baby" (well, duh!), so I answer as follows, for those who want to know if I want a boy or a girl...

How amazing would it be to have one of each?  So we'd be thrilled to find out "girl," but the thought of Ian's having a little brother is thrilling, too, and we love little boys.  We're going to be happy about the results because God knows exactly what our family needs according to His perfect plans!

So now, for fun, here's a little checklist to see what the old wives-tales and such say we're having...
Chinese Gender Predictor 
The popular Chinese Gender Predictor says...BOY 
Carrying High or Low? 
According to popular belief, if you're carrying high=girl; low=boy 
It may be too soon to tell, but at 20 weeks, I think I'm carrying a little low...BOY 
Heart Rate 
Wives-tale says if the baby's heart rate is over 140, it's a girl; if under, it's a boy 
I can't remember the exact number at our last ultrasound, but I know it was over 140...GIRL 
Morning Sickness? 
If you're as sick as a dog, wives-tale points to girl; no sickness = boy. 
Almost zero sickness for me!...BOY 
Sweet=girl; Sour/Salty=boy 
This one's tough b/c I haven't experienced many cravings with this pregnancy.  I have a crazy desire for sodas all the time (so bad, I know!) and a general tendency to go for dessert more than I normally would...GIRL? but I also craved hard-boiled eggs and nachos with jalapeños there at the beginning sooo...BOY? 
Mayan Calendar 
There's some kind of Mayan Calendar prediction that states if the age you are when you get pregnant and the year in which you get pregnant are both even, it's a girl; if it's odd/even, it's a boy. 
25 years old in 2012 = odd/even...BOY 
Some moms swear they "just know." 
I don't "just know," but even before checking all the silly wives-tales, I've guessed BOYMy aunt, who has a crazy track record with eerily accurate dreams, says she dreamt it was a GIRL

So what do you think??  Boy or Girl?  
Just for fun, guess in the poll and/or comments section and tell me your guess! :) You have a 50/50 chance of getting it right!!


  1. I'm thinking a boy! I really want you to have a girl though, LOL. As if I have any say in it. :) All the big bows and frilly dresses!!! But...a boy is totally super fun too! Love ya!


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