My Pregnant Belly - Round Two! (Wks 16, 17, 18, & 19)

Yippee!  I'm so excited to be sharing with you the joy of this pregnancy with our second child!

Once again, I didn't take any photos of my belly early on.  I guess it feels a little awkward taking pictures of my abdomen when the baby inside is the size of a lima bean?

To catch up a bit, this pregnancy has been eeeeeasy.  It was that way with Ian, too (that is, right up until week 39, when I started to have a strange itching all over).

I think I gagged one time during the entire first trimester with this Baby #2.  The only thing that was reminding me of the fact that I'm pregnant was the fatigue.

But to add to that now, I'm enjoying little kicks and a growing mid-section.  And as they say, the second time around, a woman will show sooner than with her first, and that has proved to be true for me.  I look about 4 or 5 weeks ahead when I compare with photos from my first pregnancy.

So anyway, here's my belly progress for those who love growing tummy pics...
16th week
18th week
19th week
I don't really know what to do with my face when I take the picture.  Do I smile in the mirror when I'm all by myself taking a photo of my belly?  Just feels weird.  So, my solution?  Hide my face.

"Excited" would be an understatement to describe my feelings as we approach our gender ultrasound in just a week and a half.  I'm one week from the half-way point in this pregnancy and I feel like that's when everything gets exciting.  'Feeling so so thankful to be pregnant again!


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